How The Content Agency Helps

Content is a key component of any modern sales and marketing strategy, but actually generating quality, effective content can be challenging, even for large, well-established organizations.

There are different approaches you can take to get help with content production, including hiring in-house staff or outsourcing, either to an agency or a freelancer. Each has its pros and cons. At The Content Agency, we offer a comprehensive, flexible solution that’s more budget-friendly than hiring, more reliable than working with freelancers, and more dedicated to content marketing than a generalized marketing or advertising agency.

Here’s how working with us can help you overcome your content marketing challenges.

Reliable Content Production

The biggest challenge companies face when it comes to written content is time. Whether you’re a small business owner or a CMO at a startup, you have a lot on your plate, and writing content takes time. Even if you outsource content production, you still have to spend time managing your freelancers, developing topics and calendars, reviewing content, editing it, and publishing it. And then you have to track it to ensure it’s working.

The Content Agency takes much of that burden off your shoulders. We’re content pros, and we can tackle all of the things you don’t have time for:

  • Content calendar creation
  • Finding the right writer for your business or industry
  • Reviewing and revising content to make it just right — before it even gets to you
  • Publishing content to your CMS
  • Pushing content to you social media channels of choice
  • Developing a monitoring and reporting structure

We’ll also work with you to determine an appropriate schedule for check-ins and status updates. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your content is in good hands, and ensure that you never have to chase us to find out the status of your next blog or article.

Of course, none of the above matters without the content itself.

High Quality Written Content

In many ways, marketing has become a numbers game. Pump your content with X amount of keywords, get Y amount of traffic, get Z amount of social media engagement, etc. But when everyone is juicing the numbers with the same tactics, the only thing that differentiates one piece of content from another is whether or not it’s any good.

Quality matters. The content that is relevant, engaging and well-written will stand out. Readers remember it. It will keep them coming back for more and keep you top of mind when it comes to making a buying decision.

The Content Agency puts quality first. We make every effort to learn your business and your industry, and more importantly, what matters to your customers and prospects so that we can put ourselves in their shoes and express that in our writing.

Our writers are experienced marketers who have created content for B2C and B2B companies, big and small, for products and services spanning many industries. We can capture the tone and style that resonates with your prospects.

Ability to Scale Up and Down to Meet your Needs

You might need assistance building out a complete content marketing strategy. You might have a calendar full of topics already, and need help executing it. Sometimes you just need a blog written about the latest hot topic du jour. We can help with all of it. Even if you have a long-term strategy in place, the unexpected can happen, pushing your plans aside, accelerating them, or requiring something entirely new.

Your content needs aren’t static, and your content production team needs to be able to respond accordingly.

The Content Agency is a boutique firm with a large number of partners, which enables us to pull in resources as needed to meet the demands of our clients. If you need one blog this month but 10 blogs, two email campaigns and a social media calendar next month, we can accommodate you. Best of all, all you have to do is say the word and we make it happen — you don’t need to worry about engaging or vetting new resources. We’ll ensure that the quality of work stays high and that your experience is seamless, no matter how many of our resources are engaged.

And if you do need assistance building a strategy from the ground up? Our senior marketers have led content strategy and execution efforts on both the client and agency side, for multiple business types. We can help you get in touch with what matters to your audience, and build a content strategy that helps you engage with them at each stage of their buying journey.

A Passion for Great Content

Creating great marketing content isn’t easy. But with the right partner, it can get easier.

At The Content Agency, we love content. Our top writers have over 30 years of combined content marketing experience, and through our predecessor Glance Marketing, The Content Agency and has been delivering top quality content since 2013. We love figuring out what content works, and why, and for whom. We love seeing how each piece of content fits into a larger sales and marketing strategy. We love to write.

And we’d love to take the content burden off your shoulders. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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